1) What is Graduate Guru?
Graduate Guru is an online platform where students from different regions, universities, colleges, and streams can find content to revise their concepts without having to go any other institute other than the college. If you wish to know more about GG, please visit the “About Us” section.

2) Why should I choose Graduate Guru?
Graduate Guru has one of the finest and experienced teachers teaching in their area of expertise. You can clear your doubts that you have related to your syllabus with our teachers. We ensure our student don’t just pass, but they understand their subject thoroughly. Also, look at the rates! we give away courses at a much cheaper rate than a burger.

3) What are the GG Gems?
It is a reward system to incentivize the students for using our website and to share it with their friends. Once a student has collected a decent number of Gems they can use to buy courses without paying cash. Please click this link to know more about GG Gems.

4) How to earn the GG Gems?
It’s easy to earn GG gems, to know more, please click this link here.

5) Can I use the GG Gems that I have earned to purchase a course?
Yes, once you get a considerable amount of GG Gems, you can use them to buy your desired course, to know more please click this link.

6) Can I transfer my GG Gems to a different GG User account?
No, we currently do not allow Gems transfer to a different user account.

7) What payment options are available?
Currently, we support payments via Paytm, Debit, and credit cards.

8) Can I avail any discount?
No, we do not offer any discounts until or unless we announce it on our website. Also! we provide our courses for a much cheaper and at a very reasonable rate.

9) What is the refund policy?
Please read the Refund policy section under T&C before you make any purchase with us.

10) For how long will I have access to a course that I have purchased?
You will have access to the course for 180 days since the day of your purchase.

11) Can my course be extended?
No! once your course period is expired, you will have to buy it again.

12) What courses are available?
As of now, we have courses available for commerce, but we are working towards getting more courses. Please write us a request on your desired course and we will try to get it available at the earliest.

13) I am not able to find the course that I am looking for?
Please write us a request here and we will try to get it available at the earliest.

14) How should I contact you if my purchased course doesn’t work?
Please write to us at contact@graduateguru.in, or visit contact us page to get in touch with us.

15) Which University syllabus is taught here at Graduate Guru?
We teach from Mumbai University syllabus, but most of the teachings are common across all universities.

16) Can students from other universities still learn at Graduate Guru?
Yes! students from other universities can still buy and learn from GG as the principles of commerce remains the same even if the syllabus is different.

17) I want to become a teacher at GG, how and where do I begin?
Yes! you can become a teacher at GG if you have the right skill-set and qualification for it.
Please fill out this form here, if you meet the requirements, we will get in touch with you.

18) Do you have an app for android?
Unfortunately, we do not have an app for Android or iOS as of today. We will update the website once we have the app for GG ready.

19) Is there a sign-up fee?
No, you do not have to pay anything to sign up with us, its free.

20) What is an online course?
Online courses are conducted over the internet and it does not have a typical classroom set up. The courses are available on the internet, once you buy a course, you will have access to it anywhere anytime as long as you have an active internet connection.

21) How do I ask doubts?
You can comment, use email or chat services and it will be answered by the subject experts within 48 hours. We do not use chat services over the weekend, so better way to get your doubts answered is by commenting or Emailing it to contact@graduateguru.in

22) GG was free earlier, why am I being charged now?
True, we were giving free videos to all, but we need funds to make better videos, to pay the teachers and to make GG a platform for all courses. Also, we really do give away the courses cheaper than a burger. It is a fuel to the site to keep it running smooth.

23) I have a question which is not listed here, what do I do?
If we have not answered your question, please write to us via email (contact@graduateguru.in), or use the chat services to get clarified.